Leading Business
Using The Win Win Win Philosophy

A Win for Businesses, a Win for team members, and a Win for Christian Ministries around the globe.


J.W. Oliver Jr.

The Managing Partner of SupportDDS and ZimWorX.com . His objective is to assist organizations to leverage growth, increase productivity, manage costs and free up time utilizing virtual/remote teams. Proud to be a Christian based business(win win win philosophy) with a desire to help business be their very best while making a Global Impact through professional work opportunities.

Growing together

Changing Businesses And Lives
Around The World Through Outsourcing

ZimWorX is an outsourcing company that provides qualified team members across all industry sectors. Through our state of the art business center in Harare, Zimbabwe, we invest in the lives and dreams of a people ranked the most literate in Africa. A country where English is the official language, approximately 2 million people have a university education, and unemployment is estimated to be over 80%. It is here that we connect you with highly trained men and women who are working to turn their lives, and their country, around.

How many boxes do you tick?Let's find out if Outsourcing is a good fit for your business

Who it’s for

  • Companies that would like to cut down on employee costs
  • Companies with a lot on their plate looking to cut down on workload
  • Companies wanting to focus more on patient care

Who it’s not for

  • Companies that micromanage
  • Companies not willing to think outside the box
  • Companies that do not want to diversify

Looking to improve your business, dental practice or ministry? We have the best guide for you.

In this series of books, J.W guides business owners on how to get started with outsourcing from recruiting, training, and integrating a virtual team member into everyday business. 

Drawing from his personal experience of managing several businesses over a span of 30+ years. He highlights the many benefits and troubleshoots possible problems with outsourcing. Business owners will realize that they can employ some of the best minds and talented professionals on the globe at a fraction of the current cost structure.

Building Businesses

Building Businesses

As ZimWorX, we believe in a Win, Win, Win philosophy. A Win for business, a Win for team members in Zimbabwe, and for Christian Ministries around the globe through our contribution of 51% of all profits.

Team Members