New Years in Pura Vida

We welcomed in the New Year in Style in Costa Rica!  Dinner with friends, in bed by 1000pm ☺ The beginning of a “New Year” brings about a time for

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Entrepreneurship – Effective Leadership

Entrepreneurship is a popular subject in our modern society. Having “rock solid” habits can help with the success of any business. Another important habit is effective leadership. Leaders are often

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Exploding vs. Imploding

How to leverage today’s market conditions for growth while elevating your team. 2020 brought changes the world has never seen, and we are confident we will never see again! The

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Selecting a Winning Combination

Outsourcing, insourcing, off-shoring, remote/virtual workers; the popularity continues to grow. Market conditions in the USA continue to evolve and sourcing in-office team members has proven to be a difficult process

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J.W. Oliver

He loves to see others laugh and desires most of all to encourage others and show them Jesus.