Keeping the Same Pace


Keeping the pace is imperative in almost everything we do. When in school we must keep pace with the reading and study to advance. On a 5k, 10K, or a marathon, one must keep a pace to either win/place in the event or to meet the goal you have set for yourself. When I trekked to Everest Base Camp, I needed to keep pace with our guide and my fellow trekkers, so we completed on time and acclimated to the high altitude. All requiring being on the same pace.


Our lives are similar in respect to our personal endeavors, marriage, health, friendships and in business. We need to “keep the pace”.  I recently read “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz. A spectacular read. She identified two key areas that are key to success.


  • Go in the same direction.
  • Move at the same pace.


She used the analogy of walking with friends on a fixed route. If they went in a different direction, or moved at a different pace, they would not have the benefit of companionship and socializing. Therefore, there would be no need to walk together!


Walking with God is what Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and even Jesus focused on. They wanted to get on the “same page” with the will of God in their lives. Jesus himself went to a quiet place to pray and focus on hearing the voice of God. We must do the same! How do we walk at the same pace as God?


Move in the same direction!

Surrender our will and seek His. By reading “The Word” each day, this will align us with what God’s plans are for that day. Note it may just be for that day, we then need to seek daily for His guidance and “changes to the route”. We need a compass set to Christ!


Adjust our Pace!

We often find ourselves either lagging behind or running too fast. This is the danger of seeking our own will above and moving too fast or too slow to keep up with Him. By bathing our plans in prayer, He will set our pace, so we can set a PR (personal record)



If are consistent and persistent to adjust our pace and move in the same direction by seeking His words and His wisdom, the Holy Spirit will point our compass to verses that make our path clear, concise, and lined up with His will.


Pace Yourself!

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