Life Favors the Prepared

Life Favors the Prepared

There is a saying in the east that

“Luck favors the prepared mind.”

I Prefer;

“Life favors the prepared”

In my “quest” to climb to Everest Base Camp (EBC) starting on March 23, 2020, there is an understanding that being prepared is essential. Being able to hike/climb the 80 miles takes months of preparation. My plan is for 23 weeks that began October 21.

Week one had a total of only 8 miles of running plus strength, core and stretching. Week two just finished up with 11 total miles. Each week is progressively more distance with the longest (week 16) having 39 total miles.  The “pinnacles” come at week 19 with the Fort Worth/Cowtown Marathon on March 01, 2020, then a few weeks later, the quest for EBC. With that, I am preparing to check off two “bucket list” items!

I have never completed a full marathon. I know, I know…hard to believe with me having such a runner’s physique! I have finished a few ½ Ironman’s and ½ Marathons, but not a full marathon. For my bride and others in the “skinny/fit/runner” category, it is not such a feat. But for me, currently sitting at 230lbs, it’s a grind. My goal is 215lbs on “Race Day. I saw 220 on my scales in the last year, but 215 was last visited in High School. (So roughly 10 or so years ago)

Easy? No.

Doable? Yes!

The key is being “prepared.” I don’t buy into “luck”, and I don’t subscribe to “kharma” You have to plan, then work your plan. (I hope I didn’t offend my PC friends.) Preparedness translates into every area of your life; Marriage, raising kids, fitness-health, finances, and most importantly your walk with Jesus can benefit from being prepared. There are so many great ways to prepare; reading books on the subject, attending seminars, hiring a trainer, finding a financial planner, discussing in small groups, Bible studies, or seeking advice from your peers. Do whatever it takes to be ready, to be prepared. Whatever you do, get started today. Make a plan.

More importantly, DO NOT let worry, fear and anxiety creep in on you. When they come knocking, send them home like an unwanted knock from a magazine salesman. Tell them you are not interested. Mirror the Boy Scouts motto of “Be Prepared” for whatever life throws your way.

Life truly does FAVOR the prepared.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plan.” Proverbs 16:3

J.W. Oliver is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for based in Texas with a BP center in Africa. They are a Christian based business with a desire to help business and ministries be their very best while helping support others Globally.


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