Distracted from success

We are inundated with interruptions “disguised as opportunities” every day. They keep us distracted from that “ONE THING” or the “BIG GOAL” we are looking to conquer!

Here are a few of mine, yours may be similar;

Smart Phones
That all-important DING of the text that drives our instant curiosity
Social Media
The bombardment of negative news and politics.
Phone calls, the appointment to make, bills to pay, or email to send.
Team Member/Employee/Co-Worker
Question on an assigned task, personal issues, or projects.
Email Replies
Sales, products, pricing, or service oriented questions/inquiries.
Important to the, yet simple answers that are recurring.
Bills to pay, collections or accounting to review.

These tasks can be delegated and can take up 50% or more of your available time. Time spent distracts you from your family time, personal time, creative thinking, important projects, and your goals. Delegating is not easy for many, we think to get this done right I’ll just do it myself (finger pointing at me). Hiring good, solid TEAM MEMBERS can free up to 50% of your time while elevating those on your TEAM to target their projects.

The use of a V.T. (Virtual Team) member is a super effective and cost-effective solution (think 70% savings) to get you back on track. Instead of “Distracted from Success”, you can be “Focused on your Future”.

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