Merging Technology with Remote Teams

Utilization of technology and artificial intelligence continues to accelerate at a rapid pace in the dental industry. This trend will continue with the objective to solve problems while decreasing human intervention. Most technology is cost effective and beneficial; however, we have seen that it is not 100% automated and requires analytical analysis and manual input of required variables to acquire the desired results. Complimenting an organization’s technology platforms can be successfully supported and augmented with remote/virtual teams to maximize the results and ROI.

Today, multiple platforms are being leveraged in most dental offices and organizations. These can be quite cumbersome to your existing team, requiring the adequate amount of time and resources to evaluate the data and to implement the “plan of action”. By utilizing remote/virtual teams, you can manage multiple platforms without having any (or at least as many) “slip through the cracks”.

The current state of the economy and mitigation of recessionary environments, allow for the reduction in operational costs while increasing your overall performance. This can allow a margin for growth in an otherwise “unkind” environment. Savings with Support DDS have historically and consistently proven to range from 55-70%.

Efficiency with your technology and operational systems can have profound and life-changing effects on your team. These benefits have shown to include:

Elevation of your team as they perform the roles they were hired for and have the maximum ROI for your group or practice.
Leveraging allows for growth and expansion during otherwise turbulent environments.
Remote/Virtual teams can be instrumental in assisting with developing, updating and documenting your operational processes.
Detailed, accurate and timely reporting.

There are a variety of areas to consider when deciding to leverage remote/virtual teams. Support DDS has been successful with implementation of teams for a variety of AI platforms and the traditional positions. You may have dedicated teams focused on one area, or one team member with multiple platform oversight. Some, but not all are:

– Excellence in phone skills/missed calls with Patient Prism AI technology
– Director of First Impressions
– Scheduling of new patients
– Insurance Verifications
– In-House membership plans like Dental HQ
– Re-Care systems
– Revenue Cycle Management A.I. technology like Abella
– Bookkeeping/Accounting service like Pro-Fi 20/20
– IT help desk and project management
– Digital Marketing/social media
– Reviews and online performance like Unify Dental

Bottom line, AI and technology are amazing and will even get better. Complimenting with remote/virtual teams can assist with maximizing those tools and most importantly, allowing your team to FOCUS on what’s important … Your guest (patient)!

Elevate your team, maximize your tools, and reduce the cost while GROWing!

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