Travel Almanac 2020 Cocos, Costa Rica

February 09-20, 2020

Trip 4

Had an AMAZING trip to Costa Rica. We returned after a 5+ month “hiatus”. The more time we spend here, the more we love the TICO’s and the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Friendly, open, and always willing to help me with my broken Spanish.

Purchased a beautiful ocean view lot on the last trip and worked with the architect and builder to refine the floor plans on this trip. Goal is to start building our DREAM HOME in January 2021.

Best of all, we shared the AIRBNB with our great friends, David and Susan Wilhelm. Of course, we also brought along our furry four-legged son, Chip! We had a great day out on the boat, “See-Ya”, Paint Club night at Bambu’s, hiked 4-5 long trips in preparing for our TREK to Mount Everest Base Camp in 4 weeks, and our only mode of transport for two weeks was an electric gold cart. #AWESOMNESS

Dream BIG, work hard, love those around you and tell everyone you can about JESUS!

Two of my FAVS

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