Excuses, Excuses…Just no good ones!

“Excuses…Excuses…I have plenty!” – (Just no good ones)

I signed up a week ago for the “Cowtown 1/2 Marathon.” I knew I needed to push myself more to get ready for our “Everest Base Camp Trek” in 3 weeks.

Packet pickup was Saturday, and I did everything I could to delay long enough so it was past 500pm and they closed the EXPO…No luck!…My bride finally said you better hurry!

I drove the 45 minutes over and SKIDDED in at 4:53pm…Got back, went to dinner with my wife, the whole time thinking ill just keep the cool shirt and skip the race.

Went to bed way too late, woke up at 400am and headed for my daily quiet time, praying the whole time that I would get a 24-hour BUG, or pull a hammy pouring my coffee…Never thinking I would actually get in my truck to head south to FTW.

After looking at all the work and home projects I needed to do today, I read my friend Chris Pruitt’s FB post (he’s also going to EBC), on how he actually cried like a baby while doing a spin class that day because he had major surgery 30 days prior, but he pushed thru and was going to go again Sunday to the class. CRAP, now all my excuses were out the window.

As I walked out the door at 5:43am, my wife says, “Have Fun”. I literally turned and said, “did you say Have Fun?” She replied “when’s it’s over, you’ll be glad you did it.”

Going over I prayed about how “small minded” I am, how I make excuses when I should focus on the opportunity. How I tell others about DREAMING BIG, yet I turned a molehill into a mountain. I thought of all the people who I know who have lost loves ones to cancer recently, are battling issues now, or have a REAL handicap that keeps them from being able to do what I am making excuses about.

So…I went, I finished, I got a cool finisher T-Shirt and Cowboy Hat Medal, had an ice-cold beer (2…sorry Mom) and some snacks!

Stopped at Whataburger for a DBL MEAT with cheese, took a nap, and still had half a day left.

(I also had fun, just don’t tell my wife)

Next time, I need to SKIP all the drama and just be thankful! As Chris says, just do two things:

1-Show Up


2-Show Up

Next Stop….Everest Base Camp!

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