Consistency – The Key to building Mind, Body and Spirit

When asked how he defined greatness, Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis said “Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Day after day, workout after workout, obedience after obedience, day after day.” 


Greatness isn’t an event. It is a by-product of your consistency.


When I look at the different aspects of my life; my marriage, my health, my career and especially my relationship with Christ, I see how important it has been for me to be consistent. I am by no means perfect, but the more I try, the more I succeed and the more I grow.


The little things we do consistently make a big difference over time; in our relationships, in our professional lives, but most importantly in our spiritual growth. We owe it to ourselves to make those investments, and the key to their success is consistency.


Be Consistent in your Communication

The foundation of every strong relationship is communication. Be consistent and true in how you communicate with the people around you and those that you care for. 


Be Consistent in your Community

One of the best things you can ever do is be present in your community. You have to show up to make a difference. However you choose to share the gifts God gave you, being consistent goes a long way in building up your community and fellowship.


Be Consistent in your Marriage

Lift up your spouse with kind words. Encourage each other to stay focused on your dreams and goals. Take “Date Nights” on a regular basis. And the big one, kiss each other with passion like it’s your first date!


Be Consistent with Christ

Be consistent with the time that you give to the Lord. Seek His word and set time aside for scripture. It doesn’t have to be a long time but be consistent with it, because your time with him is just for the two of you and he always has something to teach you.


And consistency works with the good and the bad in both your professional and personal life. It means chipping away at the things you don’t want to carry with you into the future. Bit by bit, day by day, until all that’s left is the extra-ordinary that you are looking for.


Dream big, but start small and the growth you are looking for will follow.

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