Warning Objects on your Social Media Feed may NOT be as real as they appear

Social Media. Where the reality is many times NOT what it seems.


Perfect hair, perfect smile, awesome family, great job, amazing spouse and gifted kids.

Vacation from heaven, feeling fab at 40, praising Jesus and humble as American pie!




If only we saw the rest. If only we had pictures between the smiles. The Reality!


I just had 20 days of posts myself. Beautiful beaches, amazing meals, awesome wife, cool planes, great parties and Gorillas! But what about the real stuff? Why don’t I post those too?


20 Days, 10 flights, 8 countries, 10 different beds, 5 days of meetings and over 30,000 miles of flying. Sounds like a DREAM Vacation. I am not complaining, and I would do it all over again. But what about the “Real and Raw”? What about “Behind the Scenes”?


Packing bags, forgetting things and packed too much, lines to wait, shoes off, airplane food, dirty clothes, waiting on UBER, hotels rooms too quiet and rooms too loud. Rooms too hot…and too cold. Missed flights, more eating out, travel constipation (a real thing), beds to soft and beds to hard…did I bring my pillow? Did I mention my wife hates to have her picture made?


Oh the joy of coming home. Laundry and mail piled high, yard needs mowed, desk a mess, and yes…Amazon still came by.


So the next time you see a friend or anyone like me on your feed, and say “they got it made”…Just smile. It has its pluses, but it does have some things we like to hide!


“This is the day that the Lord hath made, so REJOICE and be glad in it.’

Psalms 118;24


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