NO is a Complete Sentence


As an business owner, leader, manager, supervisor or entrepreneur, we are regularly bombarded with new projects, guidance, assistance, advice, serving on boards, invest in new ventures, attend some lunch-dinner or Gala event, etc..


Just Say No!


All we have is our time. Most of us have determined what areas or our lives take priority and typically we have organized them by importance. Mine are as follows.


  • God
  • Spouse
  • Kids (mine are adult now)
  • Church
  • Family/Friends
  • Career
  • Hobbies/Fun


I am learning “No” to most “asks” that I face.  

* Business/Investment ideas
* Assistance with an unrelated project (other than my wife and kids)
* Serving on boards and committees
* Content Creation
* New Shiny objects in the industry
* Phone calls and Zoom calls

* Growing my business with the latest and greatest “magical silver bullet” marketing idea
– Facebook, Instagram, Videos, and mindless scrolling
– “Binging” on Netflix/Prime/etc…

The answer is almost always “NO”

There’s only so much time in the day, and I need to use it WISELY.

Focus on that which brings you closer to achieving your goals!

It also takes you away from your FOCUS and makes you less productive at the projects and activities you are currently doing.

I’ve found that “fringe” friends, employees, clients, social media, group chats, videos, committees, etc…will endlessly take your valuable time and mental energy. 

Learn to say NO.


It is a complete Sentence!


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