Seek Service and Gratitude, Not Success!


As a Youngster we look forward to the party.
Middle age we are mostly ambivalent.
Past 50…are you sure it’s time for another one already?

But maturity does bring a new revelation to our lives, it focuses on “what is important!”
The world and our peers (and many of our friends), teach us to seek success. That this will
elevate us to a new level of satisfaction. This will somehow fulfill all our goals, desires, and
material longings. This is far from the truth. It is an unfillable void. This seeking is precisely what
King Solomon was referring to in Song of Songs when he states,
“Vanity, vanity, life is all vanity.”

What truly fulfils our lives are Gratitude and Service.
One of the best habits one can attain is waking up with an “attitude of gratitude”. What are the
many things we can express (direct to God for me) that we are thankful for in our lives?
(STOP that, everyone has them.)
For me it is my wife, kids, mom, sisters, health, house, work, finances, food, church, dog, wifi,
technology, etc… You get it, the list can be endless.
Secondly, Service!

Focusing on serving others is the greatest attribute God has endowed in us. But we must be
intentional with this gift and use it. Service opens us up to a new world of success. By serving
others in our home, workplace and community we will attain a new level of success that cannot
be measured but is certain to fulfill those internal yearnings we have for our lives. I like to start
with serving my spouse, as that opens my eyes to real success in my marriage.

Ready, Set, Serve!

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