Samsonite Luggage and a Whole Lotta Jesus

J.W. Oliver Jr.

I am old enough to remember the trusty and time-tested Samsonite suitcases before they had wheels. I was quite young at the time but can still see my dad and mom “lugging” those suitcases around and slinging into the trunk. They had those massive metal dual sliding/latching locks and could withstand an atomic blast. It was just a few years back when my wife and I traveled with some friends who don’t travel much, and they carried duffel bags with no wheels. I thought he was going to need “Tommy John” shoulder surgery after that trip!

After a few years, Samsonite came out with one that had two wheels on the back (I actually still have this exact one…SOLID!) Today, most all luggage/suitcases (now that’s the OLE SKOOL name, how many of us travel with suits?) have 4 wheels. They glide like a Olympic figure skater, and most will even freely spin 360 degrees with the flick of a wrist, all with a nice adjustable telescoping handle!



Traveling with luggage with no wheels is like living a life without Jesus. We are in no position to “carry the load(burdens)” that life’s challenges present to us at almost every turn.


With a trust in Jesus, He will take the weight off us like a new Samsonite suitcase on a freshly waxed airport floor. So many times, in my life, the weight seemed unbearable. My pride would always kick in and get the best of me saying, “you can do it yourself”! That my friends, is when Satan is at his very best. Convincing you can work your way out of the mess you made. Your best reply is simply, “Satan, get behind me, I am going to let Jesus carry this one.”

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”

I Peter 5:5-7

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