Dental RCM – Billing Companies to Watch in 2023



April 27, 2023

Dental billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) companies are there to help you improve your collection process and ensure you account for the revenue you have generated.

These companies have come a long way in providing the most efficient and user-friendly services for dental practices and DSO’s. First understand your needs and what services you need to outsource to ensure you select a company whom gives you the experience that best suits your requirements and needs.

There are numerous parameters to review and compare companies according to reviews and popularity but how do you select the right company to meet your current and future goals?

We have compiled our top picks of dental billing companies according to the services they provide and how best they can benefit your organization. The categories and focus points will include;

  • Year founded
  • Number of team members employed
  • Dedicated Full Time Team Members or group/rolling support
  • Spanish/Bi-Lingual capabilities
  • Google Rating(5.0 scale)


This article has been compiled after referring to each company’s official website and professional profile. The table below summarises our findings.


Yes, we are “Tooting our own horn but hear us out. SupportDDS was formed in 2017 with one goal, “ Supporting Dentists”. This company has grown to be a reliable go-to when it comes to leveraging virtual teams for efficient and reliable billing services.

SupportDDS has a unique approach to the way it does business and handles its clients. Clients are on a “Your Systems – Your Way” approach. This means clients are free to work with SupportDDS to get an agreement that best suits their needs and are not bound to a lengthy contract/agreement that is difficult to cancel. 30-day’s notice is all required.

In addition, SupportDDS is the only company to offer full-time, dedicated virtual team members that you can incorporate into your team and daily culture. These team members are highly educated and can match up to work in your time zone.

Services offered:

  1. Patient Billing/bookkeeping
  2. Revenue Cycle Management
  3. Insurance Verification
  4. Medical Billing
  5. Patient Scheduling
  6. Unscheduled Treatment Plans
  7. Reactivation
  8. Re-care Programs
  9. Marketing support/social media/lead management
  1. Dental Claim Support (DCS)

Formed in 2012 (DCS)  is a dental billing company DCS in Savannah, Georgia. The company offers billing support and claims. With 100+ employees (DCS) developed a nationwide team of remote billers to add capacity to serve dental practices and groups across the United States.

Services offered:

  1. Dental insurance billing
  2. Patient billing
  3. Insurance verification
  4. Credentialing
  5. Submit applications to multiple payers quickly and easily
  1. eAssist

eAssist Dental Solutions was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in American Fork, Utah. They have 450+ employees. eAssist was founded by Dr James Anderson and Sandy Odle. Henry Schein, Inc. has recently acquired a 70% majority interest in eAssist Dental Solutions.

Services offered.

  1. Dental insurance billing service
  2. Patient billing & add-on service
  3. Daily & Weekly Accountability Reports
  4. Tiered credentialing prices based on the nature of your credentialing
  5. Accounting and bookkeeping
  6. Tiered levels of services
  7. EFT deposit and reconciliation
  8. Scheduling
  9. Online CE
  1. Dental Revenue Group

Dental Revenue Group was founded in 2015 in Downers Grove, Illinois. It has 50+ employees. They have an impressive array of services which include;

  1. Revenue cycle management
  2. Dental billing audit
  3. Dental Credentialing
  1. Elevate Billing Solutions

Elevate Billing Solutions is based in Seattle, Washington. According to LinkedIn, Elevate Billing Solutions has 200+ employees.

Services include

  1. Dental billing
  2. Back office Management.
  1. EZ Dental Billing

EZ Dental Billing was founded in 2009 in Boston. The company has 50+ employees. 

Services include; 

  1. Billing services
  2. Insurance verification
  3. Three types of insurance verification plans
  4. Fee schedule negotiation
  5. Medical billing for dentists
  1. Retrace

Retrace was founded in 2016  in San Francisco, California. They have 50+ employees. 

Their services include:

  • Automated billing software


  • Automatically verify patient eligibility
  • Discuss insurance coverage with patients
  • Validate treatment planning
  • Confirm pre-authorizations in seconds


  • Correct errors ahead of time to focus on patient engagement, not billing
  • Guarantee payer acceptance for policy guidelines to expedite reimbursement
  • Cut down on surprise bills by sharing patient’s responsibilities during their visit
  • Collect insurance and patient payments together

Post visit:

  • Automate claims and attachments submission
  • Eliminate portals, phone calls, e-mails, or faxes with real-time transactions
  • Cut down on endless appeals and regain your time
  1. Medusind

Medusind is a renowned billing company that was founded in 2002 in Miami, Florida. They have a workforce of 1,000+ employees. 

Their billing services include:

  1. Verify your patient’s eligibility and benefits information.
  2. Dental billing
  3. Accounts Payable Outsourcing
  4. Software Integration
  5. 1:1 coaching

Time to choose your dental billing partner

Now that you have a comprehensive list of billing companies and services, you are now in a better position to choose the company, that fits your needs, to improve your billing systems and revenue cycle management.

Of course we hope you choose SupportDDS


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