Keeping the Same Pace

  Keeping the pace is imperative in almost everything we do. When in school we must keep pace with the reading and study to advance. On a 5k, 10K, or

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Breaking Time Zones

Creating a Global Virtual Workforce J.W. Oliver Jr – ZimWorX The world has truly changed! Video calls are now the norm, virtual teams are flourishing, corporate philosophy has been changed,

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Dress To Impress

First Impressions make a difference, so make it unforgettable.   Dressing up used to be inevitable. When Sunday rolled around, I pulled on our best for church with our white

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Just Quit

Jobs, Marriages, Diets, Fitness Programs, Parenting, Relationships, Friendships, Churches, and School are areas of our lives that most of us have had to decide at one point or another, to

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Step, Dip and Uncoil

Role models who make an impact and become our heroes     Character matters, honesty matters, truth matters, and our words matter. You may never fully realize the impact you

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J.W. Oliver

He loves to see others laugh and desires most of all to encourage others and show them Jesus.